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Thread: Silverfast thinks I have two monitors?

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    Silverfast thinks I have two monitors?

    At least I think. When I start the program all I have is the icon in the taskbar. If I click on it, the program closes as though the program is open on another monitor. Hope that makes sense? But I don't have another monitor, just one. I have reset and reinstalled the program with no luck. Windows 7 software as well as the video card driver aare all set to single monitor. Silverfast tech support say the problem is with windows and not Silverfast, which is probably true, but I will be dammed if I can figure it out. Any ideas?


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    Re: Silverfast thinks I have two monitors?


    If you look in Task Manager, does it show Silverfast as 'running'? If it does, try downloading and installing a new video card driver from the card manufacturer's web site. If Task Manager does not have Silverfast listed under the 'Applications' tab then it's likely a problem with Silverfast itself. You could also look in the Event Viewer to see if either Windows or Silverfast is throwing an error.

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    Re: Silverfast thinks I have two monitors?

    It does show up in task manager, yes. Well try installing updated drivers if available. Thanks

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