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Thread: What are the 8x10 all-stars?

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    Re: What are the 8x10 all-stars?

    For sharp images and big budgets I'd look at the following kit:

    150mm Super Symmar XL
    210mm Apo-Sironar-w
    300mm Apo-Sironar-s
    360mm Apo-Sironar-s
    480mm Apo-Sironar N or Apo Symmar
    600mm Apo Ronar MC

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    David J. Heinrich
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    Re: What are the 8x10 all-stars?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter J. De Smidt View Post
    Do you really need a shutter with a 600mm lens on 8x10? Given the miniscule depth of field, and the resulting use of small apertures, won't the exposure time usually be more than 1 second?
    Even for those long exposures, it is still convenient to have and means you don't have to worry about weird methods to start and stop exposure.

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    Re: What are the 8x10 all-stars?

    This begs the question, what do you mean by Superstar? Do you want a Justin Bieber lens? Or a Phil Collins lens?
    I steal time at 1/125th of a second, so I don't consider my photography to be Fine Art as much as it is petty larceny.

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