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Thread: Landscape hikers – “10 essentials” or not?

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    Landscape hikers – “10 essentials” or not?

    Most LF landscapers who hike away from their vehicle have enough trouble finding room in their packs for camera, lenses and accessories – let alone the “10 essentials” you always hear about:

    1. Topographic map
    2. Compass
    3. Flashlight/spare parts
    4. Extra food/water/clothing
    5. Sun protection
    6. Matches
    7. Knife
    8. Signal mirror
    9. First aid kit
    10. Emergency shelter

    Do you always carry the famous 10 – or just this or that item, depending on hiking terrain, distance & duration?

    If you have to make a choice, does your photo gear trump the essentials, or do the essentials trump the gear?

    What lessons can you share for the over-burdened LF photographer? ;^)
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