As has been previously stated don't discount lenses made by other manufacturers I prefer my Fujinon lenses to my Schneider lenses. Made in Germany means nothing the quality isn't really that much better or even better at all. If we talk pre-war lenses Schneider supplied Nagel,Kodak and quiet a few others so did Rodenstock. If you want good pre-war lenses don't understimate the quality of Hugo Meyer they were just as good as Zeiss imho and way better than Schneider. Superb Postwar lenses that don't cost an arm and a leg are the coated Rodenstock Eurynars they are very sharp and cheap. With some luck you might even be able to find a cheap coated Voigtländer Heliar. If you are american you did have a superb optical industry Kodak and cheaper but sometimes very good Wollensak. Don't always go after the big names some of the smaller manufactures produced superb lenses.