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I think the "key" to this test is to use a water stop bath and an alkaline fix like Photographic Formulary's TF-4. I get the impression the alkaline fixes work a bit like a monobath, there could be some processing that occurs.

I believe an acid stop and fix would work as always to stop development before any effect occurs.
Another consideration for this test would be the working pH of the developer and the pH of the water stop bath. If the working solution is very high, say pH 9 or above, there is almost no possibility that any continuing action would occur after a water stop bath (assuming the water bath is pH neutral, or acidic) , even in an alkaline fixer.

As has already been established the use of an acid stop bath renders the point moot. As soon as film hits an acid stop bath all development ends. You could even hold the film up to very bright light without any farther development.