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Thread: about turn Dallmeyer Adon into Improved Dallmeyer Bergheim 2.0

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    638 about turn Dallmeyer Adon into Improved Dallmeyer Bergheim 2.0

    Using the tele alone makes an OK contact print but enlarging from a normal lens is much sharper
    so how about go the other way
    Turn the not too well corrected Adon into something more like the Bergheim in feel
    Very long focus and while keeping it's relative "sharpness" intact adding to the aberrations already present or making better use of them for portraiture

    How about an ImaDon?

    No, no
    not a good name at all


    An imagon aperture disk

    Softness and yet able to focus on GG without a chemical focus issue as in the bergheim
    Focus shift, yes

    that's as far as I've gone. Thought it would be a fun exercise
    I used the imagon disk as a waterhouse stop
    maybe try in front of front element

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    Re: about turn Dallmeyer Adon into Improved Dallmeyer Bergheim 2.0

    I'm sorry . . . .Maybe its me, but what are you talking about? Please don't assume that we (I) know what you know about these early lenses and their properties.
    Drew Bedo

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    Re: about turn Dallmeyer Adon into Improved Dallmeyer Bergheim 2.0

    Actually, there were quite a few similar setups to the Bergheim.
    de Pulligny/Puyo/Darlot had the adjustable landscape lens and the later portrait Puyo casket set had the combination of a front meniscus at about 30cm with a -ve lens at the rear. CCHarrison shows the set-up in Soft Focus 1.

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    Re: about turn Dallmeyer Adon into Improved Dallmeyer Bergheim 2.0

    Im wondering whether you could take the old, not well corrected tele design of the dallmeyer adon and by introducing a perforated imagon-type disk produce a soft-focus/pictorialist type lens that is characteristic of "some" old design ..perhaps a lens sharing properties of both the bergheim in that is is varifocal, suffers from same? aberations

    the adon is to my eye just a simpler version of the bergheim portrait
    I believe the adon came first and you'd figure something about it was liked for pictorial photography and so they produced the simpler tele that produces effects superior for use in portraiture
    there was a telenegative? filter that could be used with it
    perhaps this type of additonal negative filter along with an imagon disk could produce even more of the desired softness

    Maybe you could decement the achromats and put together using just the neg and positive elements and get something
    maybe not

    the adon i know went through optical reworkings to make it "more perfect"
    maybe the earliest Adons are even more capable of this type of look

    so maybe at longest focal length especially you could induce something pictorial better than you can deliver sharpness from it

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