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...I like Salgado, Araki, Pierre Molinier, Weegee, Jan Saudek and Joel-Peter Witkin. I’m not a big fan of Ansel Adams, Edward Curtis, Weston or Eggleston. I can justify it to myself because the photographers I like are transgressive, while the ones I don’t particularly like are sentimentalists. (I’m not sure what the heck Eggleston is all about!) That’s the extent of my reasoning. It’s what I like, and nothing more. Purely subjective...
Cyrus, your remarks are thoughtful enough to leave a few of us curious – how did you find out about your favorite “transgressive” photographers?

Did Arnold Bennett’s “passionate few” (post #1) point them out to you in, say, books, exhibits, or personal communication?

Also, did Bennett’s passionate few bring the “sentimentalists” to your awareness?