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Thread: Alternatives to frames for small show

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    Re: Alternatives to frames for small show

    get them box mounted at printmount.
    they work with large pieces and small
    and their prices are very reasonable.

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    Re: Alternatives to frames for small show

    Matte the prints, cut a sheet of clear glass to the size of the matte then use tenterhooks, pounded directly into the wall to support the "sandwich" on all four corners.

    Assuming your gallery's walls are covered in homasote or cork board.

    Tenterhooks (AKA: "L-pins") are cheap. 10 apiece from this site:
    Randy S.

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    Re: Alternatives to frames for small show

    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotah Jackson View Post
    Fine matting enhances an image and directs attention to it. It shows the image at its best.
    Why would anyone advocate display methods that don't show their work at its best?

    I won't dispute some show their work in shoddy ways, they know what their work is worth.
    I have nothing against nice frames.

    Personally I think some people overvalue their work, and their framing reflects their insecurity.

    Anyone can buy a nice frame. Few take pictures that I care about.

    Put another way: I'd rather see a Sudek print thumbtacked to a wall than a Ken Rockwell in an archival frame.

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