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Thread: What should I charge?

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    What should I charge?

    I am putting a proposal together for an exhibit in a public venue (lobby of well known high-rise building) and could use some advice. The show, which will be up for about 2 months. will consist of 13-40x50 inch prints, and about 30-16x20s. The venue will pay for the printing and mounting of the 40x50s, and I already have the 16x20s framed and ready to hang. I will be responsible for the logistics of having the large prints producedóworking with the printer and finishing company, etc. I assume I am entitled to a profit on this work, as well as some sort of usage fee for the smaller prints. Any idea how to figure this? Some percentage of the value of the prints? What % is reasonable?

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    Re: What should I charge?


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