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Thread: Is this a scam?

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    Re: Is this a scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by goamules View Post
    Isn't it interesting that the hackers are always offering obsolete, obscure, but very expensive items from the world of Photography? I wonder if other expensive categories are also sneaked into unsuspecting accounts, like Rolex watches, expensive computers, etc.? Are there hundreds of these scams every month that we don't notice, because they are selling other items we're not watching? Or only large format cameras and Pinkham lenses?
    There are 54,438 listings on ebay with "Rolex" in the title. Some must be scams but who knows how many.
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    Re: Is this a scam?

    If they ask for an email before you bid and want a western union money gram payment its a scam... but i have never seen a german ebay page.... interesting

    If my wife saw this seller she would want to order some beads from germany.... lets see, beads and Linhof Technikardans ... are you sure that Matus from Frankfurt just does not want to sell us beads? could not find the Linhofs

    the ole i got your password you dope.....and now i sell to other dopes who dont follow the rules about purchasing.... who said "there is one born every minute".... Should be to hard ... i used to be a dope..... LOL

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    Re: Is this a scam?

    You got me there photobymike - but the beads really are a bargin

    But as I mentioned - the cameras are gone. Somebody must have reported this to eBay. I did that once (I mean the reporting) and the items disappeared within few hours.

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