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Thread: Hello from Vermont

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    Hello from Vermont

    Im fairly new to large format photography after migrating over from digital and 35mm. While supplies are limited at the moment Im making the best of what I have.
    What I do have:

    Speed Graphic Anniversary 4x5
    Lens: Voigtlander Anastigmat Skopar, 16,5cm, f:4.5 on a Compur shutter

    So far Ive only shot on Arista EDU Ultra 100, developed in 1:50 Rodinal. This is one of my first shots on 4x5...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cascade Lake.jpg 
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    Im very happy with it, even though the guy with the tripod refused to meet and I wanted to grab the shot before the wind picked up. I was amazed that it was calm there, normally there's a strong breeze going down the lake. If I could do it again I would shift focus to get more of berm in focus. I still need to master finding the hyperfocal point.

    I hope to expand to color film and maybe one day different lenses but that seems very unlikely due to my budget at the moment.

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    Re: Hello from Vermont

    Hello back from Vermont. Nice start! I was shooting for about three years before I got something that good. Or,'ve been shooting twenty years WITHOUT getting anything that good. Welcome aboard.
    Michael W. Graves
    Michael's Pub

    If it ain't broke....don't fix it!

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    Re: Hello from Vermont

    Welcome to the forum, this is the best resource with plenty of knowlegable friendly people!

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