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Thread: Utah in Early May

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    Re: Utah in Early May

    Quote Originally Posted by madmax12 View Post
    yea tooele is big time red neck millionaires types But any where else you will enjoy the people. St George has lots of stuff to shoot even some pictoglyphs I think that is how its spelled lol. Just right out side town Right next to a large polygamist house
    I will learn to spell one day LOL

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    Re: Utah in Early May

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianShaw View Post
    I found it to be very nice. Last time I was there it was just a little difficult to get a good cup of coffee. Maybe things have changed since the 1980's.
    yeah! a bit. you should have been there in the 70s! we could not get hard rolls, sub sandwiches, pizza, good coffee, good cheeses, etc etc.

    but shooting the jack rabbits was great fun!

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    Re: Utah in Early May

    Thanks I am all set. They are my old stomping grounds anyway so it will be nice to go and bomb around without feeling like I should be skiing this time.

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    Re: Utah in Early May


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    Re: Utah in Early May

    Spend at least a day driving along US 12 between Bryce Canyon and Torrey. You can thank me later.

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