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Thread: Is it just me or...

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    Is it just me or...

    Is it just me or do negative carriers by omega crop some the sides of the negative? Luckily i received 2, might file one down a little

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    Re: Is it just me or...

    File it.

    I've done that with carriers from both Beseler and Omega. I don't really understand the idea behind making them crop in so much. What good is all that exact composition and choice of position and lenses when you can't use the entire image area when you want to.

    In any case, filing does the job just fine. File it till the opening is the right size and then give it a quick coat of flat black spray paint.

    With Omega enlargers, there is also a problem with the light source/frame at the top of the neg carrier cropping some of the image. Aligning the enlarger well and some judicious filing helps there too. One of these days I'm going to get a 5x7 enlarger just so I don't have these annoyances.

    Till then, I often feel good about leaving a little "breathing room" around my images for cropping just so I don't have to deal with negative carrier/coverage issues.




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