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Thread: 210 OR 240? Any Opinions

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    Re: 210 OR 240? Any Opinions

    I prefer 240, as being a bit further from 150, and splitting the geometric difference between that and my next lens, a 420.

    The downside is that apart from old Symmars in No. 2 shutters, nearly all 240 f5.6s come in a Copal 3 - you pay a large weight and bulk penalty. I use an f9 instead. First an Apo-ronar in barrel, then a Germinar-W. At one stage a late multicoated Apo-ronar actually cost less on the used market than the Copal 1 shutter on it's own. Those glory days are gone, but they are still good lenses, and they still weight a lot less than a plasmat.

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    Re: 210 OR 240? Any Opinions

    Fuji 240 A's are still being mfg, but probably not many are being imported at the moment due to the weak dollar. Quite a few turn up used. A very nice small bargain 210 would be
    the G-Claron, that is, if it's in a modern shutter. The 200 Nikkor M's seem to command an
    unreasonably high price just because a lot less were sold than 300's, and both are now out
    of production; but with patience they do turn up. But the Fuji 180A has greater coverage
    than the 210M. All of these are really sharp small lenses. Can't go wrong with any of them.

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    Re: 210 OR 240? Any Opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by Harley Goldman View Post
    ...The 240A is not available new...
    Yes it is:

    Quote Originally Posted by Harley Goldman View Post
    ...I used to have the Nikkor 210m. It was a nice sharp lens, but is huge compared to the 240A...
    I'm unaware that Nikon ever produced a 210mm M lens. Are you perhaps referring to the 210 Nikkor W?

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