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Thread: What 8x10 lenses to get?

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    This thread started just before I bought my first 10x8 camera, I already had a Nikon M 300mm f9. My Agfa Ansco Commercial View came with a 12" f6.8 Am Opt Dagor but the seller a Professor of Photography told me it was useless and had separation and he'd never used it. In fact it was 60+ years dirt around the edges and the lens had been coated post WWII for the original owner who'd studied and taught at the Clarence White school of Photography.

    So like others I've been very happy with a 12" Dagor, I also have a 240mm Nikon and a 165mm Super Angulon.


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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Tribe View Post
    Have suggested to the Mods that it has a moving day to the Lens thread.
    < drags thread toward new home with much huffing and puffing... done! >

    Seriously, now: I think the only major change since 2004 is that with the possible exception of occasional batches of the Cooke XVa, all of the lenses marketed for 8x10 are now out of production. There may be some new stock left of a few, particularly Rodenstock, though quoted prices are breathtaking.

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    There the Wollaston meniscus lenses:
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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    Quote Originally Posted by John Kasaian View Post

    Welcome to 8x10! I'm not knocking new lenses, but I don't feel the least bit disadvantaged with my classic glass. My favorites ("most used"to be more accurate) are the Kodak Wide Field10") and Commercial Ektars( 14"), and Goerz Artars(14" 19" and 24")

    For focal lengths, anything from 240mm/10" to 420mm/16-1/2" I would consider "normal" and something in that range would probable be the most useful. For a second or third lens I'd go for something really wide(159mm f/9.5 Wollensak WA) and/or something really long(Goerz 24" Artar.)

    For newer lenses, I can recommend the Nikkor f/9 450mm M and the Schneider 240mm G Claron from personal experience, and while I've never used one, I find the 165mm Super Angulon or 155mm Grandagon interesting, though weight/ size/ and price-wise they aren't likely additions to my kit.

    The 240mm G-Claron is an especially nice lense: coated, small and light weight in a modern shutter with a useful image circle at f/22, APO, and they go for cheap (so cheap its almost criminal!)

    Don't stress over lens selection for 8x10, unless you get something really dreadful, those big negatives will look Great as long as you do your part!
    I fully agree with John, and would add that older lenses do not necessarily make softer images. Often the difference is in knowing how to compensate during processing. Many of the lenses which younger people say are not as good were the ones grew up with in the 30's.. Coatings have altered the images making them appear sharper but for me they eliminate the fullness or roundness of objects in the image.

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    Newer lenses come with newer shutters while old lenses may not come in old shutters, or maybe no shutter at all.
    This whimsy, oddly enough, appeals to me.
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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    My favorite is a 250mm Wide-Field Ektar, but I don't take the 8X10 out of the studio. Other lens is a 14 inch Commercial Ektar. I'm mostly using "T" for a shutter speed right now on kinetic still life, with and without flash. Lotta great lenses cheap floating around. I've bought off Ebay with no complaints.

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    Quote Originally Posted by arkadi View Post
    have anything changed here since 2004?
    Yup nearly all 8x10 lenses have been discontinued! L

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    Quote Originally Posted by Luis-F-S View Post
    Yup nearly all 8x10 lenses have been discontinued! L
    Nearly all LF lenses have been discontinued.

    I use a 375/6.8 Ilex-Caltar. Works great. It is in a #5 shutter and the continuation of servicing and parts is a concern. Might be better to have something in a modern shutter with modern coatings for the extra money.

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    I have bought 8x10 6 month ago and use Color Tamron 240/6.8; Fujinon L 300/5.6; Fujinon l 420/8; Nikkor 600/9
    2018-05-20 Ukraine Sh 100 in XTOL 1+2 11 min011-02web by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr
    2018-04-25 Ukraine Foma in DDX 1+4 8 min001-03web by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr
    2018-05-06 Ukraine Sh in DDX 1+9 10 min002-002web by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr
    2018-05-20 Ukrainr Shanghai 100 in XTOL 1+2 11 min008-012web by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr

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    Re: What 8x10 lenses to get?

    orgraph, beautiful photographs. You're using your lenses (and camera) well.

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