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Thread: Jobo CPP Lift problem

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    Re: Jobo CPP Lift problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Blank View Post
    Your missing the red cap for sealing the lower spout or just not using it. I have a few extras and can sell you one if needed.
    From the description, this would appear be the earlier lift with the sliding selection "switch". It also probably has the older, white tank clips. I have this on my CPA, whilst my CPP has the newer, plugged system.

    Do the red plugs work on the earlier lifts?

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    Re: Jobo CPP Lift problem

    The nipples are the same :0)
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    Re: Jobo CPP Lift problem

    The serial # is 11540 which is from the second run of units with the double bearing motor, and it does have the white clips.

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