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Thread: print trimmer recommendations?

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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    I have the 24" Rotatrim (M24) and highly recommend it. A few years ago I picked-up a used Premier Guillotine cutter for $5 and will also recommend it. The Premier will cut up to 11x14 clean and accurately. I use it for trimming small prints/paper.


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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    I am quite happy with my Rotatrim, I use it for so much more than trimming photos. I can take a sliver off a piece of paper, something that I could never do with a straight edge and razor. It is also very easy to cut things square which is important since I mount my photos with a reveal between the photo and the window mat.


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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    Buy the best and cry once; Rotatrim! Size it for the absolute largest print you'll ever make. I have a cheaper trimmer and it was just a waste of time and money; never use it anymore.



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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    I choose to march to my own drummer. I tried a xacto trimmer then another name brand I cant remember from B+H. Since both of those suck I bought a rototrim. I could have bought 1.75 rototrims for the cost of the one rototrim I actually own when you factor in the junk I bought at first.

    Get a T square and make sure the rototrim is square. It can be adjusted and mine was out when it arrived due to shipping.

    Quite often good deals on e bay

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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    Another Rotatrim fan here.
    I've got a monorail design, which is different than the dual bar models I usually see. Either way, the cutting design is still the same and it's great. My only complaint is that it only cuts in one direction. Not a big deal. It works well in that one direction.
    I got mine used, but it's missing the sliding straight edge at the top. I just tape down pieces of mat board when I need to make repeated cuts or working in the dark. I've been using it a lot these past few weeks on cutting down film and paper, with no troubles in use and no end in sight.

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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    I use and old Premier guillotine type cutter that I had for the past 35 years. The trick to keeping the blade sharp is to have the tension on the blade adjusted correctly. There is a nut on the left of the blade that puts tension on a spring. Not to not recommend the Rototrim, but before you spend the bucks.....
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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    I got lucky and found an old style (yellow) Rototrim for $150. It's been an excellent trimmer.

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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    I sure wouldn't want to use a guillotine trimmer in the dark. Severed fingers don't make
    very good test strips in the average developer.

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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?


    From the thinnest of dry mount tissue, film, paper, two ply/four ply/eight ply matt boards nothing beats the clean cuts. I have had two for about 20 years each and they are still sharp and smooth.

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    Re: print trimmer recommendations?

    Another vote for RotaTrim

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