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Thread: How hard to put a roll film back on this oddball Toyo?

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    Re: How hard to put a roll film back on this oddball Toyo?

    Frank, is that a devere 5x7 back? I've heard many tales about 5x7 OEM toyo but have never seen one (even in pics). Very cool whatever that is. Always thought it would be nice to upsize, although the investment in new lenses and enlarger kept me from looking too hard.

    I really like the camera. I've had mine (4x5) since the early 90s. It needed a new bellows immediately. The replacement one still has that new car smell.

    For a roll film holder, if try it, I may just get the standard kind everyone's mentioning. But I might make a Frankenback like what you're describing to mount a dslr for some harmless fun.

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    Re: How hard to put a roll film back on this oddball Toyo?

    The problem with the back was it was about 3/4 inch larger than the camera itself and it was made from steel, defeating the purpose of having such a light, compact field camera. I was furious at the seller for being deceptive, his response was that he didn't think it mattered. He ended up sending me some cash to temper me but it soured the camera for me so I used it for a couple of months and broke even reselling it with an honest description.

    The chances of find a lone OEM 5x7 back are almost nil but perhaps a wooden camera could be sacrificed, especially one with a bad bellows? For 4x5 it is easy enough to find a Crown-Speed Graphic back and they are pretty nice backs already, just screw them onto a piece of plywood of the proper thickness for the Toyo's latches and you're good.

    You know I keep saying how nice this forum is for buy and sell but come to think of it I've met some real stinkers. Buyer beware....

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