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Thread: surveying tripod stuff

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    surveying tripod stuff

    I've used an pacific laser system 1/4-20 adaptor in the past to attach cameras or tripod heads to surveying tripods, but it'd be nice to attach the big cameras right to the tripod for maximum solidness.

    The 5/8-11 thread is also shared with some angle grinders. I bought a bosch angle grinder flange which is 5/8-11 and it fits the tripod well.

    Next thing is to drill another hole in my 8x10's sliding tripod block and countersink this into the top of the hole. Other people could use this with their homemade adaptors.

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    Re: surveying tripod stuff

    Yes, a survey tripod is simply 5/8-11. But one can just replace turnbolt running thru the
    platform with a 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 camera thread, secure this with a jamnut or couple of
    e-clips, all preferably stainless steel or titanium for corrosion resistance. McMaster carries
    all the necessary minor components.

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    Re: surveying tripod stuff

    i got a disk of 20mm actylic sheet laser cut in a circle by a friend, with a 3/8" hole in it. i just sikaflexed it to the top flat surface after id daken the bolt and bracket out. my ball head mounts on that with a 3/8 bolt.
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    Re: surveying tripod stuff

    "one can just replace turnbolt running thru the

    Not if they use quick-release plates.

    The one I use for my Calumet 8x10 uses plates that thread on to your tool and slip into a slot.

    The manufacturer carries an adapter plate for it to change to 1/4 20, and will also machine a new plate for you if you wish for $50. For anyone looking for a good tripod, this is the one I have:

    They go for under $200.

    Geared center column will take you up to almost 8'. Rubber feet for slipper surfaces, retracts to reveal spikes which work bueatifull on ice, dirt, gravel, etc.

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