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Thread: Mountains of Equipment

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    Mountains of Equipment

    I was recently asked to inspect an mothballed photo finishing business. The owner died last year and the person handling the estate wants to know what to do with about 15 enlargers in excellent condition; one Leitz 4x5 enlager, but all the others are high end 4x5s with color heads.

    There are also several old wood 8x10 and larger studio cameras on stands, lots processing equipment for black and white and chromogenic materials. There copy stands, drum dryers, graphic arts cameras, large trays, mic photo collectibles. It all has to go.

    Is there anyone on this list within driving distance of Rochester, NY who might be interested in removing this stuff for end use or resale? I just hate to toss those enlargers...

    Mark Osterman

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    Have you thought of getting in touch with local schools or putting the list on Craig's list? I would think that the Leitz enlarger might even go for a good price on Ebay.
    I am located in Buffalo but I don't think that I can use any of the things that you have but there may be some schools or organizations that may be able to use your equipment. If you need some help, PM me and we can talk.

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    Hey Mark,
    Are you the same guy that had a ton of great pix years ago (I don't get it anymore so there may still be this year too) in the NPPA magazines from region 2?

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    Is this a "show up and take what you want" kind of thing, or are these for sale? (Just curious)

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    Mark, could this be the remnants of Mel Simon's lab? (I worked for him c.'77-79). You should talk to Edgar Praus... I'm in Washington now.

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    bugger me.. i'd love to get worn 8x10 for a project.. ;( but i am waaay to far south..

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    Is the stuff going to be for sale? Or free with pickup?

    I am in dire need of an 8x10 camera, but don't have much spare cash.
    I would be willing to pay shipping...

    Are there any Omega D2 (or D-II) enlagers? I really need some negative carriers for the one I have.

    Please let me know, even if they want to sell and the price is reasonable, I would buy.
    "I would like to see Paris before I die... Philadelphia will do..."

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    I could really, really use some of the mentioned equipment, but have little work at the moment and no way to come pick it up. Anyone want to help me out?
    So apparently my signature was full of dead links after a few years away...

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    I wish I could help with going through the stuff, but also too far south. If there are 8x10 and larger cameras which might go for cheap, I could be interested as well...

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    Re: Mountains of Equipment

    Does anyone know how to make a Ford Courier Ute amphibian? - I could use some of that stuff


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