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Thread: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

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    Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    I think this is a mistake. Is this no longer a community? Doesn't it mean something to be in a community? Is commerce so sacred here that we dare not say anything on a for sale thread lest our post get deleted for being "negative"?

    To my mind commerce is not the central, near holy objective of this board. It should not receive such special protection.

    Imagine the strange social structure this requires. A few people are walking through the market. They share a common interest in photography--in fact that is what brings them together. One sees an item that interests him. He's new at photography and doesn't realize that $500 is too much for a Calumet C400. But no one says a word lest they "interfere with the sale." Is "the sale" that sacred?

    I welcome comments on my for sale threads. i want all of my buyers to know they are getting what they need, and getting a fair deal. No "buyer beware" on my threads. If someone makes an unfair comment about one of my items I will--gasp!--counter their argument with evidence to support my side. Or realize I made a mistake. That's how adults play. Except on all those other sites that suck.


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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    Prohibiting only negative comments is counter-productive.

    It implies a positive endorsement of the sale which is not valid by allowing only positive comments.

    If they choose to prohibit comments, they should prohibit all, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

    - Leigh
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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    I'm kind of with Darin on this one. I have posted things for sale recently that I thought I had a handle on price, condition and even exactly what the item/s were. I have been nudged to adjust prices here and there due to folks chiming in and explaining what their rationale was. I am OK with that, and so far it has been productive for all parties.

    I have not been forced to sell items at prices lower than I thought were acceptable, in fact one camera is still for sale b/c I feel the value in the package is higher than what others have indicated. Am I right? Maybe...maybe not. Time and a potential buyer (or lack thereof) will tell.

    I say leave it well-enough alone.

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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    I have been screwed in a small way more than once on the FS section. The question is do the moderators decide what goes or the local thugs. I think the moderators are the best bet, they tend to not be heavy handed. It gives them the power to remove objectionable posts if required to maintain a fair exchange and should not stop people pointing out fair and reasonable deficiencies in descriptions and pricing, after all, worst that can happen is your post will be deleted. They should not police the FS section, only the fairness of the discourse and then only as a last resort. Fact is it is available for anyone, to be used but not abused. One hopes that people value a reputation for fairness and honesty more than money, but people will push the limits, one hopes that it can still be dealt with openly.

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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    I have had to restrain my fingers many times..LOL! And sometimes the item does sell, much to my surprise (and showing how much I actually know about pricing!)

    I suppose, Darin, you can add "All comments welcome" to any of your sale posts. But in the end, the lack of anyone buying an item will tell the seller more than our words will. And one can always send a friendly PM if one can not keep one's beak out of a does not have to be public whipping even on a public forum...


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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    Darin i agree with you... and i have sold some of my stuff here. I did not visit here to sell; i know i am under the scrutiny of many savy photographers. I would not get more than its worth or take advantage of any person i sell to. Keeping in mind; "the least i will take and most you will give is the worth of any product or service". If for any reason any person who has bought from me are not satisfied with what they got from me, i want to here about it. You dont have to be rude or obnoxious but opinion is why we are here ( photo opinions ) i mean. If i was advertising something that another member did not agree on the price i would like to hear about it. I can justify (KEH or Ebay) the prices i ask for any given product i sell. The one thing that would be hard to tolerate would be a member cutting in with a person on a sale or a buyer. example (i have that lens for sale for 50 bucks cheaper)... now that would be rude to post. I am not here on the board to sell stuff i do this on Ebay and the local flea market... besides my photos make me more money than sellin stuff here. I sell stuff here that would be of interest to the group community. Makes me feel like i am contributing to profession and to the group here. I really dont mind someones opinion on price or product while here. As long as a esprit decorum is maintained. < look it up if you have to...... I consider everyone on this board as a friend and if they want to say something...

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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    Then again we are in someone else's sand box

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    Re: Mistake: new rule about FS comments

    In Ken's announcement of this new rule, he has made it a closed post so no responses seem possible. I have sent him a direct personal message with my feelings against this decision and I suggest that others who agree, do the same, as well as responding in this open forum. As a frequent seller who firmly welcomes all comments either negative or positive, I feel that this is a serious breach in our ability to add to the discussion about items being offered. Yes there may be some members who might abuse the privilege with bitchiness rather than constructive criticism (I too have been victimized in that way), but I have a thick enough skin to weather that storm with ease and to be VERY welcoming of someone who might point out an error in my information (which has also certainly happened a time or two). Just because a handful of commentors may have been raised without the benefits or learning courtesy, it is dead wrong to eliminate all of the helpful critics who may offer a legitimate assist by pointing out errors. Ken, please seriously reconsider this poor call. This is a poor place to let political correctness rear its ugly and misplaced head!
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    But it is not a Mistake - it's a good idea!

    Ken is right, people should not post negatives in the For Sale section as a rule because you can not enforce who is going to make an intelligent, worthwhile comment and who is going to say something stupid.

    Like the guy trying to sell the 8x10 Gowlandflex for $8K a couple of weeks ago - we all could have told him he was nuts but it's not our business. Obviously if it's an ad for Nigerian time shares then it's fun to pile on, but say you were trying to sell a Sinar and some bozo comes on talking about how heavy they are or something negative like that? Their flip remark ruins your sale - that's not fair at all.

    It's a lot better to promote the good sales with, "Hey this would make a great beginner's outfit" or "Good Luck" and be quiet about the bad deals. If you see a friend about to make a mistake just send them a private message.

    I know you guys have good intent but if they allow negative comments there will still have to be moderator involvement and attention - this would only open up a subjective, arbitrary quagmire for the moderators.

    People here are adults, they agree that these sales are at their own risk and they need to do their homework. I've gotten screwed a few times too but overall it works very well as it is. Besides I haven't seen that many really awful deals, just people who price stuff too high. Their lack of sales is all the feedback they need.

    Really how many $500 Calumet Coathangers have been sold here so far? Who has overpaid for anything lately? It's more likely the other problem, really nice cameras lingering even at modest prices.

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    I don't agree with the rule. Either make it to where you cannot put any reply on the for sale post or allow any comment whatsoever. Who are we trying to protect exactly with this new rule?

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