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Thread: How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    I came across Ron Flickinger's website and was very impressed by his work. I like that bright vibrant color which I was never able to produce with my CCD scanner. I guess drum scan is the key? His website:

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    This does not have anything to do with the scanning, but rather with the digital work. In fact, a fair amount of it, iincluding liberal use of the saturation slider, is needed in my experience to make Provia F (one of the worse films in terms of color) look that good. While a lot of images from the South West portfolio are quite similar to Fatali's, the Kauii portfolio is the best I've seen, and Patagonia is also remarkable (especially considering it was done in 4x5).

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?


    A very nice site. I'm guessing it's mostly the light he photographed in judging from the photos, combined with the film (Velvia) and/or polarizer are pumping up the saturation and contrast - although the saturation of a few of these are a little too much for my taste.

    But no film, lens, or scanner can give you the look of the right light if you aren't there when it is - and apparently he was.



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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    Very nice copies of other photographers’ work! That might be part of the “glow”!

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    What do you mean of 'copies'? That's not very nice.

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    LOL...well I somewhat agree with Geoffrey, while the pics are nice they have been done so much by Muench, Dynka, Fatali and others that they have lost their ability to keep my attention.
    At least this one is not "waiting for the light" for years, like that other infamous photog.

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    Well IMHO none of the photographers you just mentioned can match him. Looks like every pixel of his image is glowing.

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    Well Aaron, while his photos are real nice, and I wouldn't mind having taken a few of them myself, you should acquaint yourself with the works of the photographers mentioned and also Bruce Barnbaum. You will find that many of the pictures shown are taken from almost the exact same place as these masters who did their "original" images years ago.

    To say your guy is hands above these other photographers is absurd and shows a real lack of historical understanding.

    Yes they are beautiful, technically proficient. But original? I think not.
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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    Clearly, the epitome of The American Landscape Photography Repertoire - copying Till, Muench, Dykinga, Fatali, even... Fielder.

    Perhaps Schneider should offer professionals special focal lengths to protect their images - anyone for an 82mm XL? (LOL)

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    How to achieve that kind of glowing effect?

    I think you can get that saturated glow by 1. Duplicating the layer and blending using "Multiply" or "Hard Light" 2. Lighten the bottom layer and blur it using a slight (1-3 pixel) Gaussian Blur filter. 3. Adjust opacity and blending to suit taste. It is used quite commonly to varying degrees for many ads... can be subtle or intense.

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