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Thread: Eastern Sierra Map Listing Mountains

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    Re: Eastern Sierra Map Listing Mountains

    I've thought that if I could design an app for the iPhone, it would be one that correlates information from the onboard camera, GPS and web-based topographical data to name the peaks on the visual horizon. Once in the app, you'd take a photo of the horizon, the magic would happen and known peaks would be labeled. I'm not smart enough to carry it off myself, but someone out there is. Ben, you listening?

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    Re: Eastern Sierra Map Listing Mountains

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Burk View Post
    I'd swear there was a book that had inked profiles lines naming the mountains from the point of view of the highway 395. I just can't find it anywhere either.
    I thought I had seen a map with the inked lines also and could not remember where which what prompted my question.
    Thanks to everyone for their reply's. This is turning into an interesting topic.

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    Re: Eastern Sierra Map Listing Mountains

    FAA Sectionals come in handy. San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles will cover the works. Airmen have to carry current Sectionals so the out of date Sectionals get tossed if not retained for planning. A call to a local flying school or FBO might land you some copies. 395 is clearly marked as are major peaks.
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