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Film, especially LF film, is going to become a luxury item. Best get used to it.
Well, on APUG the ADOX rep said that they can make 35mm for $5/roll, so I don't think it will become that much of a luxury item. For 8x10 Portra, heck yes, I expect $20/sheet. It's possible that there's an uptick in general consumer demand (Freestyle's announcement), and it's also possible that it's a "dead cat bounce."

From Freestyle, 8x10, ASA 100, per sheet:
Adox: 3.54
Efke: 3.32
Arista: 2.40
Foma: 3.60
Ilford: 4.50
(Kodak Tri-X: 5.50, in my fridge from Glazer's)

Of course for slide film, it isn't a luxury item, it's a "bye bye now" item. I bought Provia from B&H, and it's fresh, but I wonder how long the imports from Japan will last.

Ah, well, it's hard to watch things wind down like this.