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Thread: Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

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    Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

    I have a 4 metre long photograph that needs framing. The gallery we bought it from in China says we should absolutely not cut it in half. The framer we are using (recommended by the dealer) says that not only is this really the safest option but that Gursky, Hofer etc. have to do that to their works too.
    His idea is to cut the photo in half and diasec both pieces before assembling them back together in a frame. The alternative is to mount the photo on aluminium but then we would need a perspex protector cover or something and sheets of perspex don't come that long.
    Basically, if it's good enough for a Gursky cutting my photo is fine with me. But I wanted to check to see if anyone out there knows....
    Many thanks, Nerida

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    Re: Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

    I have seen some of Gursky's and they were not cut, but I saw one from Jeff Wall that was and it looked terrible because of it.

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    Re: Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

    You might want to ask that question on the framer's forum, , although I have bought plexiglass twelve feet long in Salt Lake City, UT.
    Thad Gerheim

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    Re: Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

    if the framer sugest cutting an artwork/ photo in half i'd never would him in any means even come near to any work - never!
    No way, that is the most ridiculus thing i've ever heard. Send the framer to the desert!!

    Some of the very large Gurskys/ Struths are printed out on two sheets (and then because the paper size is limited. But that is with huge formats (say 3 x 4 meter) and DONE BY THE ARTIST in collaboration with a good framer, with care to deal with the limitations of roll paper size.

    I worked with many framers and a good one tells you that he is not capable of working with formats like this and gives you a suggestion for a collegue who can work with sizes like that - not to many can do that.

    Where are you located? maybe I can suggest a real Pro.

    regards, michael

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    Re: Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

    The main reason for sectioning a really big image would be due to the logistics of shipping
    and installation. The adhesives used come in continuous rolls, so are not affected by the
    long dimension of the image. Substrates (board) can be spliced prior to mounting. Of course, a really big print takes more skill and equipment than something more typical, but
    in principle is really an analogous procedure.

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    Re: Mounting/Framing very large photographs: are Gursky's etc cut?

    This is tricky since you have the print already. Big prints generally need to be mounted, and this always entails risk of damage. Framers don't like to take on that liability. If they rip your print or mount it with a big air bubble, are you going to demand a million bucks damages? They don't know.

    If you're getting your own mural-sized prints mounted, an ideal solution is to be prepared to make extras, or have the work mounted by a lab that makes the prints. Labs are happy to mount prints that they've made, and scared to mount anything else. They like knowing that if they screw something up they can make another one for just cost of time and materials.

    In this case, I'd do what everyone's suggesting and find a recommendation for someone who specializes in this kind of thing.

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