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Lol... I love that your camera weighs what your DSLR + wide angle weighs... My Kardan with the 75 F/4.5 on it weighs about the same as my D3 + 300 F/2.8 (ie - No good for big long walks) and as it does not fit, assembled, in any bag I own, setup and tear down time kills me.

Makes me think I should have done more research before buying a 4x5... A Technika III went on here for $550 the other day... I should have waited for something like that rather than the monorail... Oh well.. you live and you spend another $1000... (and hopefully learn too)
Heh that's what I'm finding now with my Sinar F2. I'm beginning to think a field camera of some description might have been a better option. I enjoy using the camera a great deal and it's incredibly flexible but it's just a bit.. big?