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    Question Jobo RPMs

    I'm working on building a Jobo-style tank setup to develop my 5x7's. Does anyone know what the rotation speed of them is? If it works, I'll post photos & instructions. Thanks.

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    Re: Jobo RPMs

    Quote Originally Posted by Sal Santamaura View Post
    Thanks so much! Makes life easier.

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    Re: Jobo RPMs

    Jobo RPM's were generally too high for certain processes to begin with, and the motors were too small. One of my major complaints with them. A little bigger gearmotor with speed
    control downwards will prove to be more versatile.

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    Re: Jobo RPMs

    I think I've used just about all of the systems and my favorite is the UniRoller which turns a rotation and a half and then reverses. There is another system with one of the drivers off center (eccentric) which rotates all in the same direction but runs the solutions up and down lengthwise, it does a great job of creating STREAKY PROCESSING.

    Some of the drums with rotation not reversed can do a reasonably good process, but in my experience not as good as the Uni Roller.


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