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Thread: why did you deleted

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    why did you deleted

    hey why are you deleting ????????????????????????????????
    all of the feedback that don't like this new setup !!!!

    it to hard to see & to read
    the old way was much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can we go back to it ???????????????????????????????
    you ask for feedbacks & then deleted them
    all about us not liking the new CRAP
    when we are the PEOPLE USING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: why did you deleted

    Sorry you don't like the new version. There is no going back, however.

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    Re: why did you deleted

    You can set it different ways. Try a different skin - use the drop down in the lower left corner of the screen.

    It is NOT hard to read. It's different, and when I get used to something I don't like changing it "just because we can" - one of my huge pet peeves with Microsoft. Right now I'm using Win 7 set to look like 2k, which was, as far as I'm concerned, the pinnacle of functional design in Windoze, most all the changes sine being in the way of delivering more flash at the expense of clean functionality. I'm using Classic Shell to get my shell back and get rid of the horrid Win 7 Start menu. Even so, some stuff is moved around (display settings, add/remove programs to cite two annoying examples) for NO apparent reason other than "we could, and y'all are used to where it is, so we're going to confuse you."

    Now with that rant over, this change is nothing like that. It's cosmetic, and minor, probably with a lot of improved stability and other features under the hood. It's not hard to get used to, even for a change-averse curmudgeon like me (well, this IS the large format forum...)

    EDIT: I vastly prefer the old smileys. If there's anything I'd like to have back, it's the smileys that actually look like what they are supposed to mean, not these little inscrutable meaningless and all but illegible blobs.

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    Re: why did you deleted

    I love the new forum setup. I have picked the black/orange skin and it works really well.
    Eric Rose

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    Re: why did you deleted

    Quote Originally Posted by banjo View Post

    I'll be happy only when the keyboard repeat function is disabled by the software.

    Rick "and not until then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Denney

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    Re: why did you deleted

    Banjo, there is an open thread addressing the new look and your options for choice. The thread is called 'New Dark Skin'
    and explains that at the bottom left of the forum window there is a "style chooser".
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