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Thread: New dark 'skin'

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    Re: New dark 'skin'

    Thanks Tom and Ken!
    It's "charcoal" for me.
    Never is always wrong; always is never right.

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    Re: New dark 'skin'

    will I tryed all of them AND STILL DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL
    DON'T like the layout
    it looks like Crap
    I hope you like it but I NEVER WILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: New dark 'skin'

    As a cautioned in another thread:

    The default skin is more tested, works, and has the contrast it needs. That is why it is the default.

    Doing a user interface is not as easy as it looks. Try printing some of the really high contact pages for instance. Gray is a good attempt, but it is not all done. Page numbers are still in default and I assume many other internal features - likely.

    Keep the default on!

    Let folks with bad monitors or bad eyes select the high contrast if they want.... it's a free country.

    Good Job!!

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    Re: New dark 'skin'

    Thanks. We'll leave the Default as is and continue to work on the others.

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    Re: New dark 'skin'

    charcoal & bluegray don't work anymore.

    the new layout looks great on my android tablet. thank you.

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