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Thread: email notification problem

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    Re: email notification problem

    My default mode of notification (Settings > General Settings) has been “Instantly, using e-mail”; this apparently results in no notification of changes if a forum subscription is set to “Through my control panel only.” Unsubscribing from each forum and resubscribing with Notification Type set to “Daily updates by e-mail” results in getting the daily notifications. Hopefully, this will hold true for anyone else who was not getting notifications.

    The new version is generally pretty nice, but a few thoughts:

    • A “Help” link would probably have obviated many of the questions posed after the upgrade. On this and other forums that use vBulletin.
    • I eventually guessed that “control panel” meant “Settings > General Settings” (though it was nice to have Ralph confirm it). But this seems a description out of Rocky Raccoon—best to stick with one term for something, especially something unique to particular software. At the very least, the equivalence should be mentioned in the FAQ or a “Help” link.
    • Though it’s certainly better to get daily updates than none, coming a day late to many threads can make posting almost irrelevant. Most other forums with which I’m familiar offer instant notification, regardless of forum software. And it’s usually a cardinal sin to release an upgrade that mysteriously breaks existing settings, as apparently was the case for everyone with “instant” notification of forum changes.

    These would seem issues that the vBulletin people should address rather than Tom (and probably many other users as well) having to work around.

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    Re: email notification problem

    Sometime around yesterday I started receiving instant emails of postings to threads I had contributed to/requested.

    And the actual body of the posting was included. HooRay!!!!

    Thanks for bringing this feature back.


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    Re: email notification problem

    Hooray! I noticed the same thing.

    - Leigh
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