hey guys,

I've just been thinking. IF I was to use some of my spare 8x10 holders to shoot cut 4x10 film, how would you recommend I go about afixing the film into the middle of the 8x10 holder? I've considered taking some mat board(2-ply, black) and cutting away one ply, and using gaffers tape to secure the film into the holder's platen on both sides, smack dab in the middle. I know I can "just shoot 8x10 and crop", but I don't wanna . Why waste the other 1/2 of the sheet on just cutting it away?

This would negate me having to order a 4x10 back from Richard Ritter for my Calumet C-1, as well as remove the need for separate 4x10 holders. Saving me some money(which is always a nice thing to do ).

Just wondering if anyone else has ever done something like this before.