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    Arrow George Eastman House News

    WSJ article 2/14/2012:

    "Visitors to the George Eastman House in Rochester, N.Y., over the past decade could not help noticing that the museum-in-a-mansion, the world's largest repository for all matters photographic, was struggling to keep up appearances. Everything about the former home of the man who introduced photography for the masses—from the mismatched furniture in the offices, to the sun-bleached curtains in the living room, to the grimly lighted café for visitors—seemed to convey an air of making do with less. " more

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    Re: George Eastman House News

    You can help support the George Eastman House by becoming a member, see
    There are also some very good workshops this year (I hope to attend one) at a very reasonable price.

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    Re: George Eastman House News

    That's bogus, the GEH facilities are first class and spotless. It's a historic house and grounds with a world-leading archive gently added, nothing is cheap, ill-maintained, or out of sorts. The only grim lighting is for the exhibits because the museum geeks don't want to damage the images with too much light. While they aren't rolling in dough or overpaying staffers, it still offers an excellent experience, at least if you like the current show when you visit (some have been unappealing but still well done).

    I almost think the WSJ has it in for Rochester and Kodak since they also published early bankruptcy rumors, which didn't help the company at all. They are definitely spinning it, ala the NY Times.

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    Re: George Eastman House News

    I've donated prints that have sold at the yearly auction for the past two years.
    Mark Woods

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    Re: George Eastman House News

    Yes, I read that article this morning. Not sure what the writer saw when they were here. Faded curtains, mismatched office furniture...what? We have had generous support from Kodak over the years and like other companies in Rochester, they still contribute to the museum. But the restructuring of EKC doesn't make a significant difference in the health of the museum.

    Yes, we limit the illumination of prints, but I've never felt the galleries were dim. Photo conservation was first initiated here at the museum and our current research recently won a National Science Award and Save Americas Treasures grants. I work in the conservation department and have taught conservators from all over the world, who still come to us for answers.

    All museums have been hit hard by the economy, but we are working hard at the museum to continue to be photo Mecca for all who are interested in the history, science and art of photography. We have two schools here, amazing collections and regular visitors to our various archives and research library. This year we have 16 alternative process workshops for you large format shooters. Learn platinum or albumen printing and then see amazing vintage prints by the masters of the medium. Can't do that anywhere else but George Eastman House.

    Three of these workshops will take place in England at Lacock Abbey; including wet and dry collodion, daguerreotype, Talbot's photogenic drawing process and Bayard's direct positive process. Our daguerreotype workshop next week is sold out and others are also filling. In March we teach tintype making here at Eastman House where in 1995 France and I conducted the very first collodion workshops that resulted in the current revival. In April we feature making gelatin emulsions; the historic process of the future.

    Mark Osterman, Process Historian

    See all our workshop offerings for 2012 at

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    Re: George Eastman House News

    The WSJ has been part of Rupert Murdoch's, News Corp, media empire for the past 5 yrs.
    I don't place a lot of trust in anything from Murdoch.

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