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Thread: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

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    Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Hi all. I've been working on a 4x5 point and shoot camera with my friend Justin (together we're Wanderlust Cameras). It's finally at the stage where I'd like to get your feedback! Our emphasis was on creating a lightweight, durable camera so that you never need to choose between traveling light and traveling with LF.

    • World's lightest focusable 4x5 camera.
    • High-strength polycarbonate
    • Designed specifically for 90mm lenses in Copal 0.
    • Focus helical travels 20mm, from 90mm - 110mm
    • Utility boreholes allow a variety of strap & cable release configurations.
    • As physically small as possible—barely taller and wider than a double dark
    • Very low retail price

    I'm trying to gauge how much interest there would be in this little fella. He's not meant to replace your real 4x5, he's meant to get tossed in your bag those times when you weren't planning on taking the big guns. Heck, most SLR lenses weigh more than this guy with a 90/6.8.

    What do you think? (Pardon the low-quality render)

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    It seems a little thick, but then that's a function of the 90mm lens cone and lens.

    Although my Super Graphic is heavier, I can carry it folded in my Domke vest's inside pocket. I've carried it like this all day before, in heavy rain too, but it easily fit under my rain jacket in a gallon ziplock.

    Your camera would seem less handy to me. It looks like it would have to carry in a bag. If I'm carrying a camera bag it seems size is as important as weight.

    I wonder if there might be some cheap way of storing the lens within the body, so it's more compact and wouldn't need a case or bag. Maybe it could be designed to hold the entire lens in front of the helicoid on a bayonet type mount so it could be put on a storage bayonet inside the body? That could really cut the transport size, no lens sticking out and a somewhat smaller body since its all out when in use, if it would work with any of the common 90s I dunno.

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Looks like a fun idea.

    Would it just be a CAD change to make a 65mm version? The shorter the lens, the less the focus travel matters, and the less people will miss movements. I'd be more in line for a 65mm version than a 90mm version. There sure are lots of 65/8 Super Angulons out there, and they are not that expensive. They are also quite compact.

    How will you check focus? Will there be a ground glass or will you focus by scale?

    How will the film holder stay attached to the camera? Will that mechanism also work for a slide-in roll-film holder, Fuji holder, or quickload holder?

    I would think injection-molded ABS would be a useful material, and it would be very low cost production once you had a casting pattern.

    Rick "intrigued" Denney

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Yes, potentially interested.

    Off the top of my head, with apologies if these are obvious: Needs an accessory shoe for a viewfinder - possibly a second shoe as well, for those who want to mount a rangefinder. Perhaps you can offer a very inexpensive wire-frame finder? Also a slide-in GG, or at least plastic screen, that could be used to tweak the helical mounting to match different lenses. Be sure to check the range of flange-to-film registers for commonly available 90's to make sure you don't settle on a cone depth that unnecessarily limits your market. Possibly a shim system with specific shims available at modest additional cost to accommodate all modern 90's from the big 4? Keeping in mind that actual FLs vary from the nominal 90, you could also recommend a specific lens with actual FL that will exactly match the calibration of the focus scale - say, something like a 90/6.8 Grandagon/Caltar II-N that's widely available at attractive prices. Or a similar Schneider lens, if you prefer that.

    Delighted to see someone using new tools to scheme about affordable new toys - good luck!

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Quote Originally Posted by rdenney View Post
    Would it just be a CAD change to make a 65mm version? The shorter the lens, the less the focus travel matters, and the less people will miss movements. I'd be more in line for a 65mm version than a 90mm version. There sure are lots of 65/8 Super Angulons out there, and they are not that expensive. They are also quite compact.
    Yes, do think about doing a version for 65 or 75 instead of or in addition to 90. Perhaps you can go ahead first with whatever focal length can attract the most order commitments.

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    I like it! I've been thinking of building my own... I don't need focus, a true P&S with perhaps a Razzlok back would fill my needs. Keep it Simple aka: inexpensive please!

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Count me in as interested - even more so for a fixed infinity (or rather, hyperfocal) 65mm version!

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Another interested one here. Even more interest if it could have the option to use multiple lenses, like the suggested 65 mm.

    If its a one lens only deal, I would still be interested, but the price would have to be right for me to buy. I have a friend that made a 5x7 P&S out of a cake pan.

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    Just what I need, as long as it takes grafmatics or DDS, and it has a shoe for an optical finder.
    West Cork-Ireland, Antibes-France

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    Re: Wanderlust 4x5 P&S

    65 and/or 90mm would make it very appealing, as would compatibility with Grafmatics and Sinar Vario/Zoom roll film holders. This is the direction I'm taking with my Globuscope.

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