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    Question Lenhof Bag

    Just acquired a Linhof Super Technica w/all 3 lenses. It comes in a fitted case, but that's not convenient to carry around & screams "expensive stuff inside". What sling bags are you using? I'm trying to avoid having to buy several before I get a good one. I'm planning on carrying the camera, lenses, roll film, & maybe 4-5 filmholders plus all the usual additional gurry we all carry. Thanks for any input!

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    Re: Lenhof Bag

    I take my Linhof MT2000 in a Lowepro flipside backpack. They're great, and the best part is that the opening is on the side of the pack that faces your back. That means it's probably less likely for the zipper to fail (or for me to fail to zip it) and have all of my gear tumble out.

    Also, if you put it down while you're working, the part that faces the ground won't be against your back once you're done shooting.

    I have two actually, the Flipside 300 is small but it fits a technika, a few lenses and a few holders.

    But most often I use the Flipside 400, which holds the camera (which can hold one small lens inside), and 3-5 more lenses, 8-10 holders, loupe, lightmeter and a darkcloth.

    I often take a 115 Grandagon (large), 90/4.5 Grandagon (large), 210 Apo Sironar S (medium) and a 300 Apo Ronar (small) in the bag and a 150/5.6 inside the camera)

    You could even fit another few holders in the front zip compartment, but I normally use that for a notebook, lens brush and other small accessories.

    It's still a pretty small pack for an LF kit and doesn't look as much like a camera bag as some photo backpacks do. I strongly recommend it.

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    Re: Lenhof Bag

    ... I'll second what Noah says - I can pack a Technikardan in a Flipside300 with two extra lenses. Holders go in a separate sling bag (because the camera is bigger than a Technika). I travelled two months in India with that bag - worked great and the bag offers great theft protection too.

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