In attempting to understand what I'm doing when I use a camera intuitively, such as shooting a handheld Speed Graphic, as opposed to a more contemplative approach as when playing with a 8x10 or ULF, I begin to wonder if there is a correlaton between photography and Phenomenolgy vs. Logical Positivism debate. As Logical Positivism refers to to existence being determined only by what can be measured, that would support the more contemplative approach, such as reading a light meter, utilizing the Zone System, selecting a lens on its known merits and characteristics charted on the spec sheets published the manufacturers, and other scientific data like grain shape and silver content of the film selected and so on. On the Phenomenology side of the issue, and I'm refering here to more of a Husserliana definition, there is the mental existence of the image, photograph in this case, which does not submit to any form measurement---f stop and shutter speed were set before the image presented itself(OK, "sunny 16",) distance---infinity, also preset long before any idea to take the picture in question existed. It is a photographic image that exists only in my mind, then it becomes an exposed piece of cut film through the act of taking(how appropriate the word "taking") the picture. I only mention this because in practice, I'm finding this is a very refreshing way to make photographs and I'm wondering what others think, especially those with differing views. Any thoughts??