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Thread: Labs for processing 4x5 in the Alps?

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    Labs for processing 4x5 in the Alps?

    Hello, I'm spending some time in Chamonix France this winter and am looking for a quality lab to process my 4x5 negatives. Does anyone have any tips?



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    Re: Labs for processing 4x5 in the Alps?


    there is this list, maintained by the French Forum...

    I don't use it (only home processing) but the people on this forum know what they want, so I'd trust the feedback they give.

    Have a good trip !!

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    Re: Labs for processing 4x5 in the Alps?

    Hello from France !

    The situation in Europe is very similar to the US.

    Most aficionados of the 4x5 film format either do their own home processing or send their film by mail to one of the quality European labs still offering the service of processing 4x5" film. I know a French professional photographer, living 60 km (about 40 miles) from Paris dowtown, who always used the postal service to have his 4x5" film processed in one of the Parisian labs.

    However, one solution is simply to drive to Geneva, Switzerland, about 40 min drive each way from/back to Chamonix.
    There is one lab near Geneva, in Carouge, processing 4x5" film, listed in Laurent's web pointer,
    Their web site indicates that they process film only in the morning, so plan ahead accordingly.
    GP studio
    45 Avenue de la Praille
    CH-1227 Carouge

    Enjoy your say in Chamonix !

    This week will be cold and snowy, good snow conditions for skiing ... enjoy but be careful driving on mountain roads !

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