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Thread: Found Photographs

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    Re: Found Photographs

    and didn't consider what he was doing (at least in the 1920's) to be "art".
    And yet, these portraits are in the pictorialist tradition.

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    Re: Found Photographs

    Wonder why he always has the bride in front of a picture frame? Looks like he showcased the groom.
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    Re: Found Photographs

    A signed portrait by Edward Weston is precious, a negative may be priceless. Very special to have this in your family history, thanks for sharing here!
    BTW, that couch in the other pic looks familiar, perhaps the photo was taken in his studio? Weston's daybooks are a good read with many insights into the photographic process. He had much passion for the art, tragic that that he could not continue to photograph in his final years.

    Quote Originally Posted by EarlJam View Post
    While cleaning out my dad's house a few years back, I came across box upon box of prints, negatives (glass plate and film), and transparencies going back to the late 1800s. The "gem" of the collection is my grandparents' wedding photo, by Edward Weston. (My grandparents lived in Tropico, a small town between Glendale and Los Angeles, not too far from Weston's early studio.) In addition to the signed print, I have a box of glass plate negatives from the same photo session.
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    Re: Found Photographs

    Found! My parents. They both have passed and I got some of the photographs.

    Can anyone identify my mother's trailer and WW2 LA home? The smiles are just after marriage in Las Vegas. They were a couple from age 15.

    She paid $600 for it and lived in a parking lot while father shipped out. In the corners of the pic, you can see trailers parked everywhere.

    Mother worked some sort of 'Rosie the Riveter' factory job, as millions did.

    Father was severely wounded in France and spent a year in various hospitals in Europe. All he would say was he never saw the enemy and got hit by a mortar shell.

    Mom and dad by moe.randy, on Flickr

    Mom by moe.randy, on Flickr

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