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Thread: Hair on negative

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    Re: Hair on negative

    You can use white titanium gouache and a #000 Windsor Newton No. 7 fine sable brush. Use the back of a piece of resin coated paper as a mixing pallet and mix enough water so that you can get a smooth stroke on the neg. You might need a shot of good whiskey first.

    Left out part 2: use the same brush to spot the gaping white area resulting from the first step. Similar process, mix your Spotone on the back of a piece of RC paper to match the tone of your paper, then re-recreate the grain pattern to match adjacent areas. I always had the best luck with a semi-dry brush - pull the brush along the pallet until most of the liquid is gone, turning the tip.
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    Re: Hair on negative

    Now the saving grace in all this is you say that the hair is in an area that will print white. Therefore, if you retouch the neg (on the base not the emulsion) with a water-based opaque, chances are you won't even see the touch-up on the print when you are done.

    Plan to do a little spotting on the print where you overshoot with white.

    And if you don't like the result of the exercise, then spit on a cotton ball and wipe it off and try again.

    When it happens in the grays or the skies is when you need more retouching skills.

    This might be a good beginner's retouching project.

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    Re: Hair on negative

    Quote Originally Posted by KyledeC View Post
    "I am also interested in retouching, how do I go about doing that?"

    Talk to me fool
    Here is a link to Kodak PDF "Retouching B&W Film and Prints." However only a few paragraphs about getting rid of dust and hair microphotograms.

    Veronica Cass Retouching from Start to Finish is also frequently mentioned but I have never seen the text.

    Volume VIII of the "Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography" is available on line and chapter XLI deals with "Spotting Negatives and Prints." However, it indicates prevention is the key and there is no easy cure for dust specs.

    Also, you can internet search on "Adams Retouching Machine"

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