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Thread: Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

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    Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

    I have a darkroom unused for many years, in which I have an old 8x10 enlarger that was modified for my by Jim Galvin with a cold light head. It is a real monster, and I certainly don't want to ship it anywhere. But if anyone in driving distance of Sacramento wanted it, they can have it free. It's better if the person taking it sees it installed, as that will give them a better idea of how it should be set up.

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    Re: Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

    Could you post some pics of it?
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    Re: Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

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    Re: Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

    Beautiful! I love the counterweight idea - if the spring ever snaps on my Durst Lab 1200 now I'll know what to do.

    I'm sure someone will give this a good home. It's just a little too far for me to drive.

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    Re: Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

    Here is a FREE Aristo head. If no one picks this up, the LF community is a bunch of lazy slackers

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    Re: Modified Elwood (?) 8x10 enlarger

    Thanks, the enlarger has been taken.

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