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Thread: New from the Netherlands

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    Re: New from the Netherlands

    That's the problem BetterSense, it seems on this scanner the light source is integrated in the part that scans. It's a cheap second had scanner, a Lifetec LT 9385. Taking out the light sourse and distroying the scanner isn't a big deal, but that would mean I should go for another scanner.
    Another downside with this scanner is that it only works on my Win98 PC. And only when it's connected to the USB connection at the front of the pc. I bought this scanner because it didn't need extra power, just USB. My plan was to go outside with the scanner camera and laptop and take pictures, without extra power. The Win98 pc and the powersource it all needs, limits my outdoor activities.
    I guess in a short period of time, I have to look for another scanner. But not after I had a bit more experimenting with this one.

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    Re: New from the Netherlands

    I'm using the camera for a side project, anthotype. After one day of winter daylight exposure no result. Also nothing on a contact sheet exposure. I'm giving it a couple of days more untill my tripod is finished.

    I think I'm going for waterhouse stops, the mechanical iris works okay, but rather bulky and not acurate. As you all know, this project is kind of "scrapheap challange" with the use of alternative materials. For the waterhouse stops I think I'm going to use black plastic coasters. The lens is 80mm so I need a relative large area to cover. Something like jar lids might work to. Next weekend I'm going hunting for parts.

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    Question Re: New from the Netherlands

    @Steve: How is this project going? Any updates with the outcomes (including pictures)? Curious to learn.

    As for the light source, maybe sticking a black tape over the led light source might help. Just guessing.




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    Re: New from the Netherlands

    It's been a while since I've played around with the scanner camera.
    Right now it looks like this:

    The tripod is not finished, it needs stronger plates that hold the ball joint. And the legs need a way to stay in place.
    Either UV or IR light interfears with the scanner. It keeps on over-exposing when shooting outdoors.
    Artificial light works perfectly.

    The light inside the scanner doesn't really bother the exposure. As a matter a fact, it helps when making pictures like above. When I see the light thru the lens, I know it has scanned my eye and it's time to move to another pose.

    Anthotype via camera didn't work. Not enough time and light to form an image. I did manage to get an anthotype image on a sheet-on-paper sunlight exposure. What I did try with the camera is using luminescent stars. You know, the plastic stars you can decorate a kids bedroom with, that luminates after exposure to light. I did get a shaded blurry image, but I think the plastic is to thick to capture an acurate image. I might try luminescent paint on a cardboard or plywood sheet.

    The next 3 weeks I have the weeks off. I'm planning on going to a photo-store where they sell all kinds of stuff for 35mm developing and printing. Perhaps they have something I can use to take pictures with.

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