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Thread: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

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    What's a Nice 65mm Lens?


    So I'm looking for a 65mm lens for my Arca Swiss Field 4x5. I was just wondering if anybody has any specific lens suggestions for that focal length. I typically like Schneider lenses, but I am also willing to use something else if it's high quality.

    I wouldn't want anything over a f/5.6. Thank you all in advance for your suggestions!


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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    I have nikkor f4 is easy to focus and compose with. I had a schneider f8 for a short while and it was very difficult to compose and focus. you're going to get every brand recommended to you when asking a question like this. I suggest searching old threads.

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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    Very cool, thank you! And ya I kind of figured I'd get a lot of responses. I should specify that I would like either a Schneider, rodenstock or nikkor. With that being said, hopefully the responses will be narrowed. Thanks again for the response.

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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    Nikkor for sure..

    Have you considered wider by chance? I was considering getting a 65mm as my 2nd lens however I think I will go straight down to a 53mm or 47mm

    If I was going for a 65mm I would buy Nikkor SW, only because I shoot Nikon/Nikkor for 35mm and digital and thus far I have never ever been unimpressed with Nikkor glass.. I have not used a Nikkor SW personally.. But going from the 35 Nikkor lenses I do own, I know their optical quality is right up there...
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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    Interesting, I will definitely continue looking into Nikkor. I have considered getting a 55mm. The only issue I am worried about is focusing and movements. Also, I have read that if you shoot a 65mm around f/16 and higher you don't need a center filter. I would be worried that with a lens wider than 65mm, a center filter would be a necessity.

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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    Large aperture is better for focusing with a wide angle.

    Fujinon, Rodenstock, Nikkor, Schneider are all good. I don't have a 65, but I have a 75 Caltar (Rodenstock) which is excellent on my AS F-Line with bag bellows. The image circles of these lenses are not huge so take notice of that if you need movements.

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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    I think the 65/5.6 Super Angulon is a very nice lens. You'll probably want a center filter for it.
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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    I will definitely take the image circle aspect into account regarding movements. Great point.

    And I have actually been looking at the 65/5.6 Super Angulon. Would you suggest that I still need a center filter even when shooting stopped down?

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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    You dont need to go any wider than 65mm on 4x5. 65mm is really wide, like 17mm on a 35mm camera. Any of the usual suspects make excellent lenses (schneider, rodenstock, nikon, fuji). I would definitely spend the extra money and get a brighter lens. f5.6 or f4.

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    Re: What's a Nice 65mm Lens?

    I would look for a 65mm f/4.5 Caltar made by Rodenstock. I believe they offered one. Or a Fujinon 65mm f/5.6. Those will be very nice lenses and likely be less expensive than a Schneider or Rodenstock brand.

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