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Thread: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Edward Curtis
    Roger Fenton
    Joel Peter Witkin
    Michael Kenna
    Robert Demachy
    Edward Weston
    Sally Mann
    Morten Haug
    Nick Brandt
    Tim Flach

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    Eric Woodbury
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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Oliver Gagliani
    Hunter Witherill
    Morley Baer
    Al Weber
    Ted Orland
    Ansel Adams
    Brett Weston
    my picture blog

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    At the end of this someone should tally up the score and post the collective all time top 10.
    Great idea-any volunteers?

    "Vocation to Solitude -- To deliver oneself up, to hand oneself over, entrust oneself completely to the silence of a wide landscape of woods and hills, or sea, or desert; to sit still while the sun comes up over the land and fills its silences with light." Thomas Merton



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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    André Kertész
    Sebastiao Salgado
    Richard Avedon
    Man Ray
    Daido Moriyama
    Junku Nishimura
    Eduardo Masferre (the most interesting for me)
    Yousuf Karsh
    Dmitri Baltermants
    Vivian Maier

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Atget, Sudek, Strand, Shore, Friedeman, Paul Caponigro, Walker Evans. Paul Strand is god. Specially love Steven Shore because when he was making his best work I was a small child, his subjects are lifted indirectly from my childhood and his colour pallete, that of the 1 hour print, is mine. The shag pile carpets, horrific furniture, fashionable dress, all satisfy me. All are very much people of their time. And Imogen Cunningham for her magnolia.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Here is my short list, in no particular order and for different reasons. Seven of them I knew personally during my formative years as a photographer, perhaps unaware of their influence at the time. Looking back fifty years later, I can fully measure their influence.

    Brett Weston
    Edward Weston
    Wynn Bullock
    Ansel Adams
    Imogen Cunningham
    Aaron Siskind
    Morley Baer
    Paul Strand
    Andre Kertesz
    L. Moholy-Nagy

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Yeah, sure, I'll compile the list. It isn't a problem when you know things like command prompts and scripting. Basic stuff.

    Guys, could you please use the photographer's full name? Thanks!
    "It's the way to educate your eyes. Stare. Pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long." - Walker Evans

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian C. Miller View Post
    Guys, could you please use the photographer’s full name? Thanks!
    And check your spelling! After all, this isn’t about grammar; it’s about photographers listing their most influential photographers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Gittings View Post
    1) Alfred Steiglitz
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sawyer View Post
    My list...Alfred Steiglitz
    Before this one gets out of control, it’s “Stieglitz” (my #11 on Wednesdays & Sundays).

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Gittings View Post
    Learning from how someone else sees does not necessarily equate with copying (though that happens), but more IME broadening your horizons by learning how other artists make different subject matter, tonal palettes, environments, etc. visually work.
    Imitating in the mirror until you say "oh, I get it now. That clever bastard!"

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    1. Dorthea Lange (in 3rd grade while exploring an encyclopedia I saw one of her images that changed my life from that point forward)
    2. Edward Curtis
    3. William Clift
    4. Michael Kenna
    5. Richard Avedon
    6. André Kertész
    7. Paul Caponigro
    8. Edward Steichen
    9. Linda Connor
    10. Nick Brandt

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