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Thread: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Diane Arbus
    Irving Penn
    Richard Avedon
    Dan Winters
    Peter Lindbergh
    Nandav Kander
    Paolo Roversi
    Walker Evans
    Terry Richardson
    Arthur Elgort

    And Weston was an early influence but I don't think I'd like him as a person. I liked Ansel Adams when I first started but more so as an educator than an artist.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    George Curtis- My father
    Ansel Adams -Pretty good photographer and friend of my father
    Jim Bones- Wonderful Dye Transfer Artist and environmental photographer
    John Sexton- Another level of Black and White
    Merg Ross- Great Vision that I never really appreciated before seeing his work
    Clyde Butcher- Wonderful Florida environmentalist photographer
    Brett Weston-Seeing things we didn't
    Bruce Barnbaum- Mathematician works at photography
    Fred Picker- Not great photographs but, great developer and promoter of black and white equipment
    Laura Gilpin- wonderful early New Mexico photographer

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Almost my list! I'll include Josef Sudek, too.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    This exercise has been surprisingly interesting. For me the top five were easy but the real horse trading came with slots 5-10. Caponegro or White - White did it first and with more intensity. Walker Evans or Wright Morris - Morris did less volume but boy when he hit it he really hit it dead on. Paul Strand's 1st half strong enough to carry the second? (yup)

    I'd say my pool of photographers that matter would be more like 25 names deep. Also there are some who rate high as teachers but who's imagery might not earn them a slot. There are contemporaries whom I would not necessarily list as no one else knows of them.

    Regarding greats who were jerks, well I just ranked based on the photographs which actually influenced me. Seems in many fields, and especially the arts, some people rise to the top on the backs of others. Or at least they live a life so self centered that people around them are used and hurt.

    Two in my top five were jerks. Edward Weston as a "family" man and Alfred Stieglitz for blind siding the pictorialists. If I'd known them in person they might not have made the list - but I didn't.

    Knew 'em just through the photographs - which spoke to me.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    No particular order:

    Timothy O'Sullivan
    William Henry Jackson
    Mark Klett
    Robert Adams
    Paul Caponigro
    Edward Weston
    Stephen Shore
    Joel Meyerowitz
    Richard Misrach
    Harry Callahan

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    I forgot this guy: he is quite significant and I invite you check him out. He was/is an editorial photographer who used a view camera - an Ebony no less - to photograph surgeries. He got so into that he went to Med school and became a doctor.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    My top 10, in no particular order:

    Michael Kenna
    Brett Weston
    Albert Watson
    Peter Lindbergh
    Helmut Newton
    Horst P. Horst
    Arnold Newman
    Richard Avedon
    Sally Mann
    Manuel Alvarez Bravo

    This has been a great thread to make me remember to look at some other photographers too.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Top 10 personal influences, in order:

    1 - George H. Seeley
    2 - Edward Weston
    3 - Anne Brigman
    4 - Nadar
    5 - Edward Steichen
    6 - Southworth & Hawes
    7 - Jan Groover
    8 - Elizabeth Opalenik
    9 - Richard Avedon
    10 - John Pfahl

    These folks also popped up as rounding out my top 25 while thinking about it:

    Robert Demachy
    Frank Eugene
    Sheila Metzner
    William Eggleston
    Joel Sternfeld
    Francesca Woodman
    August Sander
    Ralph Eugene Meatyard
    Lars Tunbjörk
    Gary Winogrand
    Gertrude Kasebier
    Josef Sudek
    Edward Curtis
    Harald Mante
    Arnold Newman

    I'd have to list W. Eugene Smith as the all-time best photographer although he isn't on my list of personal influences.

    This is an interesting thread and I'll be investigating some listed by others who are unknown to me.

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    William Mortensen,
    George Hurrell,
    Wynn Bullock,
    Paul Strand,
    Mark Sawyer,
    jeanloup sieff,
    Tim Rudman,
    Brett Weston,
    Jock Sturges
    "Why can't we all just get along?" President Dale, Mars Attacks

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    Re: Your 10 Most Influential Photographers

    Wynn Bullock
    Ansel Adams
    Jack Dykinga
    Sally Mann
    Judy Dater
    Emmet Gowin
    Joel Peter Witkin
    W. Eugene Smith
    Dorothea Lange
    Jock Sturges

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