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Thread: Field Camera Recommendations

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    Field Camera Recommendations

    I'm looking for a field camera that is 4x5, has all the common movements, interchanable lenses, is reasonably light, folds compactly, & most importantly is under $1,500. I've tried the Graphics & they don't have the movements & are too heavy. It will be used exclusively for landscapes. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    Tachihara, Shen Hao, Ikeda Anba, Zone VI, Wista, Wisner, for starters. It depends what you mean by "too heavy."

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    What lenses are you planing on using? Whatever you choose might impact your camera choice, especially if you want to use really wide or really long lenses.

    I have a Toyo AX, and I love it. It has plenty of movements for landscapes, it folds up compactly, it's very solid, more solid than any wooden field camera that I've used, and there are a lot of accessories available if needed.

    In the wood fields, you have a lot of choices. Chamoniox (sp?), Wisner, Zone VI, Ebony (used)...

    Walker makes some interesting ABS cameras.
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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    for $1500 the sky is the limit. You can buy a brand new Shen-Hoa or Chamonix with all the movements you could possibly desire for around $800. Used, they still fetch around $500~600.

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    Thanks, guys! I should have qualified my question. I'll be using 135, 210, & 300mm lenses primarily. Weight - as light as possible bearing in mind durability. I'll be packing this thing a bit, so...

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by BradS View Post
    for $1500 the sky is the limit. You can buy a brand new Shen-Hao or Chamonix with all the movements you could possibly desire for around $800. Used, they still fetch around $500~600.
    When I have the cash I am going with one of these two. There are youtube videos showing setup and movements for both of them.

    Chamonix 045N-2

    Shen Hao TZ45-IIB

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    The Tachi is the lightest of the bunch, and the least expensive. I say get it.

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    Using the 300 successfully may require more than the lightest possible camera....

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    When saving weight, be sure to consider all the contributors. A few extra film holders can weigh as much as we save by using a lightweight tripod. A dark cloth can weigh as much as several lenses... etc.

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    Re: Field Camera Recommendations

    There have been several good deals on previously owned K.B. Canham DLC 4x5's.

    The camera has been replaced with the newer DLC-2.

    It's all metal, light weight, and folds into a compact size soft carrying case.

    You should be able to find one in your price range.


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