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Thread: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    Quote Originally Posted by norly View Post
    Thats why I asked you guys. The tk23 is a natural choose in many ways. Especially since I work so much with the 45s. But since the size/weight is ok with the 45 i might just as well do a mask for the view glass and attach the phase one there instead.

    Thats the same with all the 6x9 rail cams, they are quite wide and bulky in the bag compared to the 45s. (except possibly the techno)...

    How the heck do I update the poll?
    Then you want to look at the TK23S with the digital back adapter system. But the Techno and M679cs are still much better choices!

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    Quote Originally Posted by norly View Post
    Ha, I know i would get some good opinions. I just came back from the shop after having felt a bit on the Arca F line. Not super impressed, and in the bag it takes up more space then my linhof...

    The Techno or the M line seams nicer. Ill get back to you guys when I have looked in to it a bit more.

    Does anyone got a link to a test between analog lf lens and digital ones with a phase one or del? I know the digital i sharper and has problems with overlapping colors and so on analog lenses. But is the result in same class as my imacon scanned 4x5s? If so I can start of with my existing lenses...
    No film lens will equal the performance that a digital lens is capable of. Just download the technical specs and the curves. They are readily available for both film and digital Rodenstock lenses on the Rodenstock web site.

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    Tech (pancake) cameras have limited movements (I have Alpas), so they are not much use for tabletop, for example. Even a simple tilt may require some fiddling and is a pain. Compact, sexy and great for landscapes but not very flexible.

    Geared digital view cameras (I have an AS Monolith 6 x 9) are bigger and clumsier to carry and setup. Flexible, but a pain to carry and slow to set up so not great for landscape or architecture.

    That would be OK. After all, the camera is nothing really. You could just get a couple of types of camera to handle all your applications and move the very expensive lenses between them. Oh, no, you can't. The lenses don't transfer and that really matters when a modern digital lens in a tech camera mount can cost >$5000.

    Sadly, the helical focus mounts of the tech cameras are all mounted to custom boards, or there is some other reason you can't just move lenses back and forth between your view and tech cameras.

    I want a flat board mount - with integral focus capability - that allows expensive digital lenses to move back and forth between a moderately compact tech camera with front T/R/F and rear shift, and a geared view camera with full movements on both standards. I would dump the Alpas in an instant for that.

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    there is good information on technical cameras on this thread in LL.
    A technical camera would be my choice and probably an Arca.

    "When did photography become a desk job?" Kirk Gittings 2009



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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    The Linhof Techno would be my joice!
    I played a bit with it at photokina in Cologne/Köln I would like one!
    You even can use it also for Roll film!

    Cheers Armin

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    My experience with a linhof M679cs + 22 Mb back and short lenses (35mm) in low light it is nearly impossible to focus. A have tried various screens, including the hasselblad acute mat. Live view is a must. My schneider 38mm is nice for doing stitch whith a lot of shift / rise . The short digi lenses do not have sufficient image circle most of the time with architecture.

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    The short digi lenses do not have sufficient image circle most of the time with architecture.
    Ive noticed this on my latest job. The movement was very limited compared to my analog equipment. But that depends on the lens..

    If feels like, after reading all your opinions that I would like to test the linhof techno. Maybe thats what I'm looking for. If I'm buying any new equipment geared levels are a must. (just ordered the Arca Swiss d4 by the way..) But I must say that I don't like working digital.. Not only from a technical point of view, but the whole way of working is wrong. When I do commercial stuff analog, the creatives must trust my judgment and accept my superior knowledge of how the photo will come out. But with digital everyone wants to have an opinion and in a way removes the responsibility and trust that photopgraher deserve... please note I'm only 29 years old, not 70 .

    But that discussion is better to do on other threads.

    a camera being wide in the bag is not a reason for a professional photographer to consider.
    This must be the most ridiculous comment Ive ever heard. Its the end result that counts and if you can't bring your equipment you won't have any photos.

    in low light it is nearly impossible to focus.
    The focus was something I also noticed when working in a studio with halogen lights. They are so sensitive and needing to check the sharpness in the computer after each photo is not always practical. Maybe thats something you get used to, but I missed the big 4x5" screen. The small view glasses for medium formats are way to small for me and my loupe.

    And I'm very thankful for all the good answers and I now have a lot of names to start with. Many thanks.
    4x5 and 6x6 stuff

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    Re: advice needed, new digi view or linhof

    I only wanted to do a followup to this thread and telling you what I ended up buying, a arca-swiss F classic 6x9. It took a while to decide but I am very happy with the camera. And this is perfect for me. Small, light and flexible.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4730.JPG 
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ID:	77268Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4731.JPG 
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    I got some chinese digiback adapter for 645 and H backs as well.

    Have nice summer everyone.
    4x5 and 6x6 stuff

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