I would like to hear from experiences that you might have of using a flatbed scanner for making exhibition-grade color lightjet prints, and how the results compare to using a drum scan. What would be the difference in quality ? Neglectible, small, or very visible ?

I am particularly interested about results obtained with the Microtek Artixscan 1800F, but positive experiences with other scanners such as the Epsons would be encouraging, since it appears that on paper the 1800F betters them.

I don't expect the resolution to be a limitation. In the past, i have used a very cheap (now broken !) 600dpi flatbed to make a 12x18 from 5x7 and the print was sharp, easily beating anything done from 35mm. Even if the real scanner resolution is only 1200dpi, one could still make a 4x to 6x enlargement. What I am wondering about is the dynamic range and noise.