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Thread: Small post on the Harrison Globe Lens

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    Small post on the Harrison Globe Lens

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    Re: Small post on the Harrison Globe Lens

    Yeah, I wanted that Globe in the auction, but had to pass due to not enough funds in the lens account. They're out there, but I only see one or two for sale every couple years.

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    Re: Small post on the Harrison Globe Lens

    I'll agree that prices on brass lenses were getting high, but I think in the past several months they have begun to cool. I'm mostly going by prices I see on eBay, as well as a few private sales. I'm wondering if part of the reason they were a fad, or maybe Europeans are not nearly as aggressive as they were in buying? I've become much more picky than I was a year ago with my own buying.

    The globe is interesting from an historical perspective, but from what I've read it's diffiucult to actually use. I don't buy lenses I won't use.

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