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Thread: Duplouich projection lens?

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    Duplouich projection lens?

    I have difficulty in keeping my hands off large fast lenses that might be interesting.
    This is something I couldn't resist. The mounting system is similar to some types of projection lenses - but still a bit more professionally built than usual.
    VM says the type was used for cine in smaller sizes and the usual French websites don't say anything.
    The "dissymetrique" may refer to differences between focal lengths between the front and rear cells.
    In spite of the size it weighs just over 1/2 kilo - meniscus perhaps?

    Bté. S.G.D.G. PARIS
    Anastigmat Dissymetrique Lucidior
    Serie II 1:3,8 F=260 Nº 27205

    Ideas from others would be interesting?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails $(KGrHqJ,!l4E64BnSG1sBOzLwrd8!w~~60_12.jpg  

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