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Thread: ""Normal" Lens choice?

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    ""Normal" Lens choice?

    I have a choice to make about what I want as a "normal" lens
    A Schneider Symmar-S 5.6/180mm
    Fujinon-w 6.8 150mm
    I have used the Schneider a few times but have just taken the Fujinon as partial payment on a debt and have not used it yet.

    I have two rail cameras and am going to sell one but the buyer wants a lens too so I need to decide which one to keep and which to sell with the camera???

    What are some of the things I need to consider?

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    David J. Heinrich
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    Re: ""Normal" Lens choice?

    I assume you're talking about 4x5.

    Have you used the lenses with the camera? See what focal length works better with the way you see things and keep that. If they're both equally good for you at that focal length, I'd suggest the Schneider Symmar-S 180/5.6. It tests to be a good lens, from Chris Perez' lens test website.

    But also consider the weight of each, and the coverage.

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    Re: ""Normal" Lens choice?

    "But also consider the weight of each, and the coverage."

    ...and also consider size and filter size.

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    Re: ""Normal" Lens choice?

    I have owned and used both of these lenses , the little fujinon is a great backpacker lens , And it would fold down still attached to my then Shen hao 5x4 I sold (with some regret)this little lens when i sold the camera, But i already had a 135 that i aquired by default and the Symmar- s 180 and i was converting my kit to a 5x8 with reducing back
    so the 180 could be used on both formats. Your situation is different but you did say they were rail cameras so assume you are not backpacking or if you plan to shoot 5x7 at a later date i would keep the 180 . Regards Gary

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