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Thread: Oxygen Scan-no sharp default

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    Oxygen Scan-no sharp default


    Does anyone know how to set no-sharp under SHARPNESS as the default in Oxygen Scan?

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    Re: Oxygen Scan-no sharp default

    I use the 4x5 productivity mask when scanning, and the software remembers my sharpening selection each time I re-open it. This would apply to any mask, whether supplied by Kodak or one that you created. I think that this is true even if you switch between several masks, i.e., it remembers the settings for that mask. It does not seem to remember the ICC profile.

    I'm using version 2.6.3 (?), the one certified for Tiger and Leopard.

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    Re: Oxygen Scan-no sharp default

    I've always had problems with the sharpening defaulting to on, so now turning it off is the the first thing I do after the prescan.

    It's a pain, but better than waiting 45 minutes for a horrible looking scan.

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